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Common App Additional Information Section Help!

Hey everyone, so I'm putting the final touches on my Common App and I've heard the additional information section can be pretty important. How do you approach writing the additional info on the Common App and what sort of stuff did you include? Just looking for a little guidance here.

7 months ago

Hey there! The Additional Information section is a great spot to clarify or elaborate on aspects of your application that the standard sections may not fully cover. Think of it as your opportunity to add any context that might help an admissions officer better understand your background, experiences, or accomplishments.

I often advise students to use this space judiciously. This could mean explaining a dip in grades due to a personal circumstance, detailing significant extracurricular responsibilities that didn't fit elsewhere, or elaborating on a major project or research. For example, an appropriate use of this section is to describe the impact of a family illness on academic performance one semester, which can provide valuable context to an otherwise stellar transcript.

Remember to be brief and to the point, as admissions officers have many applications to read. Only include information that genuinely adds to their understanding of your application, and avoid repeating info already mentioned. Good luck with your application!

7 months ago

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