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Where to find summer physics courses for high school students?

Physics is my passion and I want to dive deeper this summer. Any leads on where high school students like me can find intensive summer physics courses?

7 months ago

It's wonderful you're pursuing your passion for physics! Many universities offer summer programs for high school students. Start by checking the websites of the higher education institutions nearest to you as they often have summer programs with a focus on STEM subjects.

Meanwhile, organizations such as the American Physical Society sometimes lists programs or resources for student scientists. Don’t overlook online platforms, too—many prestigious institutions offer online physics courses that high schoolers can enroll in. Additionally, local community colleges often have transferable college-level courses that could be taken over the summer.

Make sure to verify the eligibility requirements and application deadlines, as these vary from program to program. Keep in mind that some programs can be competitive or costly, so review your options and apply to a few to increase your chances and find one that fits your budget. Best of luck diving into physics this summer!

7 months ago

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