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Chasing Perfection: What's a top PSAT score?

Hello! I've been wondering, what's considered the highest score for the PSAT? I know it's out of 1520, but what score range should I be aiming for to stand out to National Merit programs or colleges?

7 months ago

Hey there! Great question, and it's wonderful that you're looking ahead to your PSAT and the potential opportunities that can come from it, like the National Merit Scholarship Program. To be a standout for National Merit, you're generally aiming for a score in the top 1% of test-takers in your state.

This varies by state, but aiming for a score of 1400 or above is typically a good benchmark. Keep in mind, this is just a general guideline, as the exact 'cutoff' score can fluctuate from year to year. To truly shine to colleges, anything above 1400 is fantastic, as it suggests you're likely to do very well on the SAT too.

But keep in mind, the PSAT is just one of many factors colleges will look at. Don't worry too much if you're a few points shy of your goal. You can always take the SAT or ACT to show off your academic skills. Remember, it's also important to balance your studies with extracurriculars and personal interests. If you're looking for more tailored advice or resources for PSAT prep, feel free to reach out to your school's counseling office!

7 months ago

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