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Precalculus CLEP Exam—Worth the Hassle?

Rising senior here, super swamped with APs and extracurriculars. I'm considering taking the Precalculus CLEP exam to get ahead but is it worth the extra study time? Could it actually benefit me for college admissions or should I focus on my current classes and activities instead?

7 months ago

It’s commendable that you’re looking to challenge yourself further, however, it's most important to prioritize your current commitments, especially as a rising senior. AP courses and your extracurricular involvements are significant aspects of your college application and reflect your dedication and time management skills. Considering your current workload, adding the CLEP exam might lead to unnecessary stress.

The value of the CLEP exam in college admissions might not be as substantial as maintaining excellent grades in your AP classes or deepening your involvement in extracurriculars, particularly if those activities are aligned with your intended field of study or reveal leadership and initiative. Remember, the quality of your engagements often speaks louder than the quantity of your accomplishments. Concentrate on excelling in your current classes and making an impact in your extracurriculars.

However, if the content of the Precalculus CLEP exam is something you’re passionate about and the colleges you’re targeting accept CLEP credits, it might be a savvy way to demonstrate your proficiency and potentially earn college credit. Just ensure this doesn’t come at the expense of your performance elsewhere. It's a matter of balancing your priorities. If you do decide to take on the CLEP exam, manage your study schedule so that it complements, rather than competes with, your other responsibilities.

7 months ago

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