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How cost-effective are CLEP exams for scoring college credits?

Does anyone know if CLEP exams are a bang for your buck kind of deal when it comes to earning college credits? I'm trying to figure out if the fees are worth the potential savings in college tuition. Any experiences or analysis would be helpful!

7 months ago

Absolutely, CLEP examinations can be a cost-effective way to earn college credits before you even set foot on campus! CLEP exams typically cost around $90, which is significantly less than the tuition for a corresponding college course.

Many colleges and universities accept CLEP credits, so it's essentially like paying for the exam instead of the full price of a college course. An example of cost savings: if a single college course (typically around 3 credits) costs $1500, and you've passed a CLEP exam covering similar content, you'll have saved approximately $1410.

Remember, though, to check with the institutions you're interested in to see if they accept CLEP credits and for which courses, as policies vary greatly. Some schools have a limit on the number of CLEP credits they'll accept, or they may not apply to your specific major's requirements.

It's also a great way to bypass introductory classes and dive directly into higher-level coursework sooner. If you're comfortable with self-study and can pass the examinations, it's definitely a strategy worth considering!

7 months ago

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