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Retaking a CLEP Exam: What Should I Know?

So I didn’t do as hot as I hoped on my first attempt at a CLEP exam. I need to know if it’s possible to retake it, and if so, how soon can I do it? Also, would the retake policy affect my college applications?

7 months ago

Hey there, sorry to hear the first CLEP attempt didn't go as planned. Yes, you can definitely retake a CLEP exam. The College Board allows you to retake a CLEP exam after a three-month waiting period. Before you sit for the exam again, take the time to review the material thoroughly and consider using different study resources or methods if your first approach didn't yield the results you wanted.

As for your college applications, most colleges are primarily concerned with the final score you report. They typically won't see how many times you took the exam unless you decide to disclose that information. Also, a retake can show perseverance and determination to master the subject material, which are qualities colleges look for in applicants.

Make sure to focus on your study prep for the next few months, and good luck on your next attempt!

7 months ago

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