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Is taking a law-related class in high school useful for pre-law in college?

I found a law education class in my high school's course catalog. If I'm considering going pre-law in college, would taking this class now be beneficial at all?

7 months ago

Absolutely, taking a law-related class in high school can be quite advantageous for a student considering a pre-law track in college. It gives you a foundational understanding of legal principles and the justice system, which can be a real asset as you begin your college career.

Not only will it help confirm your interest in law before committing to pre-law as an undergrad, but it will also show colleges that you have a focused interest in the field. This kind of course might also provide unique opportunities like mock trials or guest speakers who can offer practical insights into the legal profession.

However, don't forget to balance your schedule with a variety of rigorous classes—such as AP courses—in different subjects to demonstrate your academic versatility. Colleges do appreciate a well-rounded course load as well as it shows you are challenging yourself academically. Think of the law class as part of your 'spike' while ensuring you're still keeping up with a strong academic profile overall.

If your heart is set on law, this class could be a great stepping stone and could very well strengthen your application by showing your genuine interest in—and early commitment to—this field. Just be mindful of the balance and you'll be setting yourself up for success!

7 months ago

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