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Do computer classes in high school boost my college application?

I'm currently planning my schedule for next year and was thinking about taking some computer classes, since I want to major in something tech-related. Do colleges value computer classes? Will taking these give me an edge in the admissions process?

7 months ago

Absolutely! Taking computer classes is a fantastic way to strengthen your college application, especially if you're looking to major in a tech-related field. Colleges appreciate when students take courses aligned with their intended major because it demonstrates a genuine interest and a readiness to tackle related coursework in college.

Beyond just ticking a box, these classes could provide you with valuable skills and a foundation of knowledge that you'll be able to build upon in higher education. Furthermore, if these classes offer the chance to work on projects or collaborative work, they can be excellent talking points in your application essays or interviews.

Think of these classes as both preparation and proof of your commitment to your chosen field. Just remember to balance your schedule to maintain a strong overall academic performance, as this holistic aspect is also crucial in the admissions process. Wishing you the best as you plan your schedule!

7 months ago

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