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How does the high school GPA conversion work for colleges?

Hey guys, I'm curious about how my GPA will be viewed by colleges if it isn't on a traditional 4.0 scale. My school uses a different system, and I'm unsure how to convert it. What's the standard conversion method that colleges use to interpret high school GPAs?

7 months ago

Hi there! It's understandable to be curious about how colleges interpret GPAs, especially when your school uses a non-traditional grading scale. Most colleges are accustomed to students coming from a variety of high schools with different grading systems. Admissions offices will typically recalibrate your GPA to a standard 4.0 scale to compare it fairly with other applicants.

The conversion process varies by college, but generally, they'll use a conversion chart or an internal system to translate your grades into a 4.0 scale. They’ll take into account your school’s profile—which usually includes information on the school’s grading scale—to ensure they understand the context of your GPA. For example, if your school uses a 100-point scale or letter grades without pluses or minuses, admissions will convert your grades to a 4.0 scale by aligning them with the equivalent grades on a 4.0 scale.

Don't worry too much about converting it yourself; focus on maintaining strong grades and taking challenging courses. Colleges will do the heavy lifting to understand your academic performance in the context of your high school.

7 months ago

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