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Does anyone know if high school electrician courses are worthwhile for college apps?

Okay, so I'm looking at my elective options and I'm considering an electrician course at my high school. I'm not sure if I want to be an electrician, but I like hands-on work. Would colleges value this sort of practical skill?

7 months ago

Absolutely, colleges appreciate when students explore a variety of interests, and an electrician course can demonstrate your eagerness to engage with hands-on, practical skills. While the most competitive applicants often focus on academic achievements, colleges also value unique experiences that shape your perspective and skills.

If you can articulate in your application how this course influenced you, adding depth to your character or sparking a particular interest in engineering or technology, it could certainly stand out. For instance, if you apply for an engineering program, you might tie in how the electrician course gave you a foundational understanding of electrical systems, which is a great example of applied knowledge.

Just be sure that you balance your course load with other classes that prepare you for college-level work, especially in core academic subjects.

7 months ago

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