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Fee Waiver Code on Common App—Making it Work?

Hi friends, I'm eligible for a fee waiver and I have a code I can use on the Common App. But I'm totally unsure where I should be inputting this code. I don't want to mess up and miss out on this because application fees are pricey and the waiver helps a lot. Has anyone used a fee waiver on the Common App before? Where do I put the code when I'm ready to submit my applications?

7 months ago

Hi there! Absolutely, I can guide you through this. It's important to ensure you're using the fee waiver correctly to avoid any unnecessary charges. On the Common App, once you've completed your application, you'll proceed to the 'Review and Submit' section for each individual college.

Just before you submit, there’s a section that asks if you want to request a fee waiver. Once you indicate 'yes,' you should be able to enter your fee waiver code there. The system will then verify your code, and if all is valid, you can submit your application without being prompted to make a payment.

Don't worry about messing up—the Common App is designed to be user-friendly, and if you input something incorrectly, it typically won’t let you proceed without fixing the error. Plus, if any issues arise, you can always reach out to the support team for assistance. Good luck with your applications, and props to you for taking advantage of the resources available to make applying to college a bit more accessible!

7 months ago

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