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How do CLEP exams factor into college admissions?

Hey everyone, I've been hearing a lot about CLEP exams and how they can be used to earn college credit before even stepping foot on campus. Could someone explain to me how CLEP exams are viewed in the college admissions process? Do colleges value them as much as AP credits, and are there any preferred subjects I should consider if I'm targeting schools in California?

7 months ago

CLEP exams are somewhat different from AP exams in the eyes of college admissions offices. They're generally seen as a way for students to demonstrate proficiency in a subject and earn college credits after admission rather than as a component of the admissions decision itself.

This means that while they won't typically bolster your application in the same way taking AP courses and doing well on AP exams might—since AP courses show rigorous coursework undertaken during high school—they are a cost-effective method for advancing through your degree more quickly once admitted.

If your target schools in California accept CLEP credits (and many do), they can certainly help reduce the number of classes you will need to take, but they don't usually affect the admissions decision. Be sure to check each college's policy since policies can vary widely. For example, a school may accept them for elective credit but not for major requirements.

As for preferred subjects, this largely depends on your intended area of study and the corresponding prerequisites of your target colleges. However, subjects that align with general education requirements, such as social sciences, mathematics, or science, are typically more universally accepted.

7 months ago

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