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Can anyone recommend some good writing classes for high school students looking to strengthen college essays?

I’m a bit stressed about my writing skills and I want to make sure my college essays stand out. Does anyone know of any writing classes or workshops that are specifically helpful for high school students? Any online options would be awesome too since I juggle a lot with school and extracurriculars!

7 months ago

Absolutely, honing your writing skills is a great way to prepare for college essays, and it's wonderful to hear you're being proactive!

Many local community colleges offer writing courses that you can take during the summer or even during the school year. These classes often cater to a range of skill levels and can provide you with a solid foundation in writing. Also, your own high school might provide workshops or after-school sessions for college essay writing, especially as application season approaches, so do ask your teachers or school counselor about this.

Given your busy schedule, online options can be quite flexible. Platforms like Coursera and EdX offer free or low-cost courses from universities, and they often have classes specifically on academic and essay writing. Additionally, Khan Academy can be an excellent resource to brush up on grammar and writing structure basics, which is often a critical foundation for strong essays.

Lastly, don't overlook the benefits of reading extensively, both fiction and non-fiction, as it can naturally enhance your writing style and vocabulary. Make sure to read critically and analyze how your favorite authors structure their work to convey powerful stories or arguments—it can be an insightful and effective way to improve your own writing by emulation.

7 months ago

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