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How do online high school classes for credit work?

So, I’ve found some online classes outside of my regular school curriculum that seem really interesting and they offer high school credit. How does the credit transfer work, and do colleges view these credits the same as in-person ones?

7 months ago

Credits from accredited online courses often transfer to your high school transcript seamlessly. First, ensure the online school is accredited—this is crucial for credit legitimacy. Then, speak with your counselor beforehand to understand your school's transfer policy.

Extra online courses can showcase initiative and a desire to challenge yourself academically, which colleges appreciate. As for how colleges view these credits, it mostly depends on the course's rigour and the accrediting institution's reputation. If they meet your school's standards, are accredited, and align with your academic interests, they'll generally be seen just as positively as in-person credits.

7 months ago

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