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Best resources for studying for the Humanities CLEP exam?

Hey guys, I'm planning to take the Humanities CLEP exam and I'm in search of the best study materials. Has anyone used the study guide or the materials on Quizlet and found them helpful? Give me a shout if you've got tips or resources that made a difference for you.

7 months ago

Hi there! It's great to hear you're preparing for the Humanities CLEP exam. Using the official CLEP study guide is always a solid start as the materials come straight from the test makers. Quizlet can be beneficial for reviewing terms and concepts, but remember that the quality of Quizlet study sets can vary since they are user-generated. So, take the information you find on there with a grain of salt—if you want an accurate, in-depth explanation of a particular concept, you'll likely want to look elsewhere.

In addition to these resources, you might want to check out free online courses from platforms like Khan Academy, which offers a thorough walk-through on humanities subjects. Your local library can be a valuable resource, too—they may have study guides or can help you get access to other materials without cost. Buying your own study books is never a bad idea either, but keep in mind that they can be pretty pricey.

Also, consider forming a study group with friends or finding a study buddy, as discussing topics with peers can increase your retention and ensure you've fully grasped all the important details. Once you feel prepared, try taking practice tests to assess your own understanding and to become familiar with the exam format. Good luck on your exam!

7 months ago

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