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Preparing for a computer science degree in high school

Any tips on what computer science related classes would best prepare for me for a CS degree? Should I be looking for specific coding languages or software skills while I'm still in high school?

7 months ago

To prepare for a CS degree, I highly recommend taking any computer science courses your high school offers, including AP Computer Science A, which focuses on Java, a commonly used programming language in education and industry. Additionally, if your school offers AP Computer Science Principles, it can give you a broad overview of the field.

Outside of formal classes, becoming proficient in a programming language like Python, which is known for its versatility and readability, can be extraordinarily beneficial. Many universities and professions use Python, and it’s a great foundational language that can make it easier to learn others in the future. Also, familiarize yourself with software development tools and version control systems, such as Git, which is an essential skill for collaboration in larger projects.

If your school doesn't offer classes in computer science related subjects, or only has one or two, learning these coding languages and tools through free online resources or platforms like Codecademy or freeCodeCamp will not only build your skillset but also demonstrate your initiative and passion for CS to prospective colleges.

Finally if you see an opportunity, even just in your free time, to pursue a project that seems interesting, dive deep into it! Engaging with a subject outside of school can be a fantastic way of showing admissions officers how genuinely passionate you are about it.

Best of luck on your CS journey!

7 months ago

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