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Are smaller class sizes in high schools better for college admissions?

Hey everyone! I've heard that colleges look favorably upon students from schools with smaller class sizes due to more personalized attention. I'm kind of worried because my school has huge class sizes. Do you guys think this could hurt my chances, especially with top-tier schools?

7 months ago

Hello! It's understandable to be concerned about how different factors might impact your college admissions process. Here's the good news: colleges evaluate your application in the context of your school environment. Admissions officers are well aware that students can't choose certain aspects of their high school experience, like class size. What matters more is how you leverage your high school's resources and excel academically within its parameters.

For example, in large schools like yours, there may be opportunities that aren't available elsewhere, such as a wider variety of courses or extracurriculars. Taking challenging courses and being involved in activities where you can demonstrate leadership and passion will be crucial, as that will show colleges that you can stand out even in a large pool of students.

Instead of focusing on class size, concentrate on what you can control: your grades, the rigor of your courses, your extracurricular involvement, and your essays. Admissions committees want to see that you're making the most of your environment, whether that's a school with large classes or small ones.

Finally, make sure to build strong connections with your teachers, even if that means going out of your way to meet with them after class, as that will help you greatly when it comes time to ask for letters of recommendation. With large class sizes, they may not get to know you as well in your scheduled class time, so make sure to ensure they have other opportunities to get to know you.

Stay focused on your accomplishments and how you can stand out within your school's context. Best of luck!

7 months ago

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