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Would a Bible study group count as a legit extracurricular?

Hey friends, just wondering if my regular bible study group would count as an extracurricular for my apps? We meet weekly, and it's pretty structured, but would colleges care about this kind of thing?

7 months ago

Absolutely, your weekly Bible study group can definitely count as an extracurricular activity in your college applications! Colleges always appreciate seeing your commitment to a group and your active participation in discussions and events.

If you hold any leadership role within the group or have been involved in organizing events, be sure to highlight that in your activities list—leadership roles can enhance the weight of this activity on your application. If your involvement has impacted your personal growth, your contributions to the community, or has some special significance to you, it could also be a great talking point in your essays, especially if you're thinking of applying to any religious institutions.

Just remember to clearly explain the group's activities and your role in it when detailing it on your application to ensure that the admissions officers understand its structure and importance to you. Keep up the good work, and best of luck with your applications!

7 months ago

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