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Are scholarships based solely on GPA or do they consider other factors?

As a junior starting to look for scholarships, I'm kind of stressed about how much my GPA will affect my chances. Do scholarships focus just on GPA, or do they look at extracurriculars and essays too? Worried because my GPA isn't perfect, but I have strong ECs.

7 months ago

Don't worry too much—scholarships often consider a variety of factors beyond just GPA. While a strong academic record is important, many scholarship committees also look at extracurricular activities, community service, essays, and sometimes even letters of recommendation.

The key is to find scholarships that align with your strengths and experiences. For example, scholarships designed for exceptionally high academic achievers may not be right for you, but one that focuses on your contributions to your community or your potential as a future leader in a particular field might be. As you hinted at, the essay is a great place for you to highlight what makes you deserving of this scholarship specifically.

Start by looking at local scholarships or opportunities through your school, as they might be less competitive. Also, search for scholarships that are specific to your interests or background—asking your teachers and guidance counselor can be a good way of getting more personalized suggestions here.

Remember, a compelling personal story or a demonstrated commitment to a cause can be just as powerful as a high GPA! Good luck with your search!

7 months ago

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