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Do colleges value visual and performing arts classes?

Okay, so I’m not going to be an art major or anything, but I really enjoy my visual and performing arts classes in high school. What's the consensus on how much colleges care about these courses? Should I try to fit in more of them, or just focus on the academic 'core' classes?

7 months ago

It's wonderful that you have a passion for the visual and performing arts. Colleges value students who pursue their interests with enthusiasm. While the academic 'core' classes demonstrate your readiness for college-level work, elective classes like visual and performing arts can round out your schedule and contribute to a well-balanced education.

These classes help showcase your creativity, dedication to a diverse set of disciplines, and often, your time management skills as such courses frequently require significant out-of-class work for rehearsals, practice, and projects. If you excel in these classes and they don't come at the expense of your 'core' academic performance, they can certainly enhance your application.

Also, keep in mind that colleges often seek students who will contribute to their campus community in various ways, including the arts. If your schedule allows, and you're passionate about these subjects, it could be beneficial to continue including them in your class schedule. Remember, the most important aspect is to maintain a balance that allows you to excel across all your courses, whether they are core academics or electives in the arts.

7 months ago

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