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Are Summer Math Classes Worth It for College Prep?

So, I'm a junior and thinking ahead to senior year and college apps. I’m decent at math but I want to get really solid before applications. Has anyone taken summer math courses, and do you feel like they helped you prep for college-level math or improve your application? Trying to figure out if it’s worth spending part of my summer in a classroom.

7 months ago

Taking summer math classes can be a great way to strengthen your mathematical foundation before heading into college applications and eventually college-level math courses. If you're aiming to major in a STEM field or if the colleges you're interested in are known for their rigorous math programs, showing that you've taken the initiative to further your understanding outside of the regular school year could certainly bolster your application. Moreover, it can provide a smoother transition into more advanced college math classes.

However, you should balance this with making sure you have time for relaxation and other activities that interest you over the summer. Colleges like to see well-rounded applicants, and while academics are important, they also value students who are engaged in diverse experiences. You mentioned wanting to get 'really solid' before applications, and if a summer course can help you achieve that level of confidence, then it definitely could be worth your time. Just make sure it doesn't come at the cost of other experiences and responsibilities that could also enhance your application, such as internships, work experience, orextracurricular projects related to math or your intended field of study.

7 months ago

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