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How common are peer recommendations in college apps?

I've been hearing about peer recommendations for college apps lately. Is this a new trend, and are there specific colleges that ask for these? Just wondering how to approach my friends about this without sounding too weird.

7 months ago

Hi there! Peer recommendations are indeed requested by some colleges, though they aren't as common as teacher or counselor recommendations. A notable example is Dartmouth College, which allows for a 'peer evaluation' as part of its application. However, this isn't a widespread practice amongst most colleges, especially larger public universities. When colleges do accept them, it's important to choose a peer who can provide genuine insights into your character and contributions to your community, rather than simply praise your friendship.

As for approaching your friends about writing a recommendation, just be honest and respectful. You can explain to them why you value their perspective and how they've seen sides of you that teachers and counselors might not witness. If you're uncomfortable discussing it in person, perhaps start the conversation through a message or email where you can clearly articulate your thoughts and give them time to consider your request. Make sure to give them enough time to write the recommendation and offer any support they might need, like details about your extracurricular activities or accomplishments that they can highlight.

7 months ago

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