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Where Can I Find Free Certification Courses Online for HS Students?

I’ve been searching for free online certification courses that are high school student-friendly. I want to stand out when I’m applying for internships in the tech field. Any leads on where to look or which certifications are impressive?

7 months ago

Hey there! It's fantastic that you're looking to bolster your resume and skill set with some certifications. For tech-related certifications that are accessible and free, you can start with platforms like Coursera and edX. They often partner with universities to provide a variety of courses and sometimes offer free trials or audit options that won't provide a formal certification but will let you access the course materials for free.

Another great resource is Codecademy, which offers free courses on different programming languages and tech subjects that are perfect for high school students. Additionally, check out Khan Academy for foundational courses in computing and other areas.

While not all courses offer a formal certification for free, the knowledge and experience can still be a valuable addition to your applications. If you are willing to invest a bit of money, some platforms offer financial aid or scholarships for their certificate programs, so that's something you could look into as well.

Remember, the initiative of self-learning and the application of the knowledge you gain are often just as impressive as the certification itself. Best of luck with your tech journey!

7 months ago

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