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High School Video Production Class: Is it worth it?

So I'm a junior and really into filmmaking. My school offers a video production class and I’m considering adding it to my schedule next year. Is it beneficial for college apps or should I focus on more academic electives instead? Anyone who's taken it, did you enjoy it and learn useful stuff?

7 months ago

Given your keen interest in filmmaking, enrolling in the video production class could be a wonderful opportunity for you to develop your skills and show colleges your dedication to this interest. This sort of class can be quite beneficial for college applications as it reflects your pursuit of passion in a structured, academic environment. Moreover, it might open up additional extracurricular opportunities, such as making films for school events or starting a film club, which would further strengthen your application.

Don't worry too much about choosing only 'academic' electives; colleges appreciate seeing that students have cultivated a specialized interest and have sought out relevant experiences. If you've got room in your schedule, especially alongside your college preparatory courses, this class could be both enjoyable and advantageous for you.

7 months ago

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