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Summer college courses for high schoolers—worth it?

I've been hearing a lot about summer college courses for high school students to get a jumpstart on college credits. Do you guys think these are worth the time and potentially the cost? If so, any advice on how to pick the right one or experiences anyone wants to share?

7 months ago

Summer college courses can be a brilliant way for high school students to explore academic interests, get a feel for college-level coursework, and potentially earn some credits. My child took a summer course in computer science before his senior year and not only did he gain valuable knowledge, but it also reinforced his decision to pursue a tech-related major in college. The experience gave him a considerable advantage when he started his degree since he was already familiar with the pace and expectations of college assignments.

When choosing a program, consider the subjects your child is passionate about or maybe a field they're considering for their major. Also, look at the credits offered by the course and if they'll transfer to the colleges your child is interested in—some credits may not be accepted everywhere. Another aspect to think about is whether the program is held in person or online, as this can affect the type of experience your child will have. Financially, these programs can be expensive, but some offer scholarships or financial aid, so don't forget to explore those options. If you can find a course that aligns with your child's academic goals and it's financially viable, I'd say it's definitely worth considering!

7 months ago

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