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How valuable is joining the National Honor Society when it comes to college applications?

Is the hype around NHS real? I mean, does being a member of the National Honor Society give any substantial benefit when I'm applying to colleges or is it just another line on the resume that won't really matter?

7 months ago

Frankly, the National Honor Society (NHS) is quite common on applications, meaning it probably won't be the deciding factor that gets you into your dream school. My child was a member, and while it was a nice honor, we didn't expect it to work miracles for their application. That said, what matters more is what you do with the membership. If you're actively leading projects or taking on significant responsibilities within NHS, that's something to talk about. These positions can show leadership and initiative.

However, if it's just an honorary title and you're not really involved, colleges will regard it as just another extracurricular. Strive to be distinctive; your aim should be to stand out. Talk about any unique contributions or major initiatives you helped outline or accomplish. Let's put it this way—NHS could help fortify a strong application, but it's your personal achievements and experiences that'll really catch an admissions officer's eye.

7 months ago

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