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Choosing the Right Virtual High School Courses?

Okay, so I've been looking at my school's virtual course catalog and it's kinda overwhelming with options. How do I decide which virtual high school courses will benefit me the most, especially when considering my college application?

7 months ago

Navigating your virtual course options can definitely be overwhelming, but I'm glad to hear you're thinking ahead about your college application. When selecting courses, consider your academic strengths and interests as well as any specific areas you might want to explore or specialize in. Colleges appreciate seeing that you've challenged yourself, so don't shy away from honors or AP courses in subjects that excite you.

Also, think about your intended major or field; if you have one in mind, taking relevant courses can strengthen your application. Balance is key—aim for a schedule that is rigorous but still allows you to perform well and engage in extracurricular activities. Remember that universities like to see continuity and depth in the subjects you choose, so it can be helpful to build on classes you've already taken, advancing to higher levels in subsequent years.

For example, if you've excelled in biology and have an interest in the sciences, you might opt for AP Chemistry or AP Environmental Science. Finally, don't forget to consider the courses that your high schools requires for graduation. It can be useful to check in with your school counselor or a teacher you trust to get their perspective on what would be appropriate for your skills and college goals. Good luck in crafting your schedule!

7 months ago

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