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HBCU Student Experience - How do you find community and support on campus?

Hey, I'm currently researching different colleges, and I'm really curious about the HBCU experience. To any HBCU students here: How's the sense of community on your campus? How do you all support each other, especially during challenging times or when facing external threats? Looking for honest insights and stories.

7 months ago

Hey there! The sense of community is often of the aspects students at HBCUs cherish most. From day one, there is usually a welcoming orientation program that emphasized the school's history and role in empowering students. You can also find support through various student organizations connected to your major and interests, where upperclassmen go out of their way to mentor newcomers.

There's also a dedicated office for student affairs that regularly checks on the well-being of students and organizes resilience workshops. Especially during times of social unrest, the campus comes together through town hall meetings and dialogues facilitated by the school administration and student leaders.

An HBCU can definitely be a place where you're not only making lifelong friends, but also finding a strong network of peers and faculty who are committed to helping each other succeed, and to supporting one another in dealing with any external threats or challenges. Hope this gives you some insight! Good luck with your college search!

7 months ago

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