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How much does having a Personal Finance course in high school matter for college apps?

Okay, so my high school offers this Personal Finance elective, and I’m really interested in it since I plan on majoring in economics. Can anyone tell me if taking this course will make my application more appealing to colleges, especially if I want to show my passion for economics?

7 months ago

It's terrific that you're considering aligning your high school coursework with your intended college major—it shows foresight and a genuine interest in your chosen field. Taking a Personal Finance course can certainly be a positive addition to your application, especially since it complements your prospective major in economics. Admissions officers appreciate when students take initiative to explore their academic interests outside of the required curriculum.

However, while electives provide an excellent opportunity to delve deeper into your areas of interest, remember that colleges also value the rigor of your overall coursework. So, if you have the chance to take advanced classes in economics or related subjects like calculus or statistics, those may have a bigger impact on your chances of acceptance, as they're viewed as more within the traditional academic core of math, science, social studies, English, and foreign language. Personal Finance could be a nice bonus, but it's a little more niche.

Also, if your schedule permits, consider getting involved in extracurricular activities that highlight your passion for economics, such as participating in an economics club, starting a finance blog, or interning at a financial institution. Such experiences also demonstrate your dedication and can be just as impactful as class choices on your college applications, as they show you're pursuing your interests in the "real world."

Good luck with your course selection!

7 months ago

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