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Are there any HBCUs with competitive gymnastics programs?

Hey everyone, I'm a junior and a gymnast looking to continue my athletic career in college. I really want to attend an HBCU, but I'm not sure which ones have gymnastics teams. Could anyone tell me if there are HBCUs with solid gymnastics programs or where I might find this info?

7 months ago

Hello! Your desire to continue gymnastics at an HBCU is fantastic and definitely deserves careful consideration. Unfortunately, as of my latest knowledge, there aren't any HBCUs with gymnastics programs that compete in the NCAA. The majority of competitive collegiate gymnastics programs tend to be at larger universities.

However, please don't let this discourage you! You may still have several options to explore. Consider looking into HBCUs that have club gymnastics teams or intramural sports, which could allow you to continue pursuing your passion for gymnastics while enjoying the rich experiences HBCUs offer. You can find this information on each school's website, which will likely have a page dedicated to listing the school's various extracurricular offerings.

Additionally, you can research whether nearby gyms or clubs have partnerships with HBCUs or opportunities for college students. You might also reach out directly to the athletic departments at the HBCUs you're interested in to inquire about any possible options they might be aware of, or even if they are considering establishing a gymnastics program in the future.

Keep persevering and best of luck in finding a program that suits your athletic and academic goals!

7 months ago

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