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ASU's CLEP Exam Policy?

Hey everyone, I'm looking into ways to earn college credit before I even get there and stumbled upon CLEP exams. Does anyone know how Arizona State University handles CLEP credits? Are they generally accepting of them and if so, which subjects are best to CLEP for ASU specifically?

7 months ago

Arizona State University does recognize CLEP exams for credit, which is fantastic for proactive students like you aiming to get a head start on your college education. The university has a published list of the exams they accept and the required score for credit.

You'll find that ASU grants credit for a variety of subjects from Composition and Literature to Sciences and Mathematics. The amount of credit awarded can vary based on the exam subject and score received. It's worth noting that not all programs may accept all CLEP credits, so you should also check in with your intended major's department to see if they have any specific policies on CLEP exams.

To get an initial sense of ASU's CLEP policies, you can check out their website on receiving credit by examination: https://catalog.asu.edu/credit_exam. If you have questions, you can reach out to their admissions team, registrar, or even the heads of the departments you're looking to earn credit in.

To identify the best subjects for your situation, consider both ASU's credit policy and your academic strengths and interests. By doing this, you can maximize the potential benefit of your CLEP exams, as you don't want to invest a bunch of time studying for an exam that isn't actually going to earn you any credit.

Good luck with planning out your CLEP schedule!

7 months ago

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