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Pros and Cons of Freshman Dorm Requirements?

Hey everyone, I've seen that some colleges require freshmen to live on campus for their first year. What are the main reasons behind this policy? Also, are there any advantages or disadvantages to this I should consider when choosing a college? Looking for some input because I'm really on the fence about dorm life vs. commuting as a freshman.

7 months ago

Hi there! It's great that you're considering all aspects of college life, including where you'll live. Colleges often require freshmen to live on campus to help them integrate into the community, make it easier to attend activities, social events, and classes, and ensure they have access to on-campus resources that support their transition to college life.

The advantages of living in the dorms include increased social interaction, convenience, and sometimes even academic support in the form of study groups and tutoring that happens in residence halls. On the other hand, living on campus may come with a higher cost than commuting and less privacy, while commuting can save money and might be more comfortable if you prefer a quieter environment. However, commuting can make it harder to fully engage with the campus community and might add stress if you're dealing with traffic or public transportation schedules.

Overall, consider your personal preferences, lifestyle, and financial situation, and know that many students find dorm life to be a quintessential part of the college experience that contributes significantly to their personal growth and networking opportunities.

That being said, at some schools living off-campus and commuting may be a more common option, so hop onto the websites of the schools you're considering to see their stats on where the majority of their students live. You can even reach out to current students if you have more specific questions about the pros and cons at this particular school.

Best of luck figuring out which living situation is right for you!

7 months ago

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