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What computer science courses are recommended for high school students interested in a CS major?

I’m a junior interested in majoring in computer science. What kind of computer science courses should I be looking at in high school if I want to prepare myself for a CS degree in college?

7 months ago

It's fantastic that you're planning ahead for your major! For a student interested in computer science, I'd recommend taking any computer programming and related technology classes your school offers. These can include courses in various programming languages such as Java, Python, or C++, and any AP computer science classes available.

AP Computer Science A focuses on Java programming and object-oriented design, while AP Computer Science Principles offers a broader introduction, including internet, data, and impact of computing. Also, consider any electives in web development, game design, or robotics if accessible.

Extending your learning outside of school through online courses or coding bootcamps can also be beneficial. Math is a significant component in CS, so aim to advance through calculus if possible, and don't overlook courses on algorithms and data structures, which are central to CS.

Keep challenging yourself, but also balance your schedule to avoid burnout. Remember, universities are looking for students who exhibit passion and a willingness to go beyond what's merely required, so any extra projects or self-driven learning you do in this field could be very advantageous in your college applications. Keep up the good work!

7 months ago

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