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How do Japanese courses taken online for credit look to colleges?

Hello friends! I'm currently self-studying Japanese and was wondering if doing an online course for school credit is seen as good on college apps, or should I stick to my high school's offerings?

7 months ago

Hello there! Taking a Japanese course online for school credit can be a positive addition to your college application, especially if your high school doesn't offer it. Colleges appreciate students who take the initiative to pursue their interests and engage in self-directed learning. It shows you're self-motivated and willing to go beyond your school's curriculum to pursue your passions.

In terms of college applications, it's also a way to showcase your time management and independent study skills, which are valuable qualities that colleges look for in applicants. If the online course is accredited, it also adds to the rigor of your academic profile. Just ensure the institution offering the online course is reputable, and the credit is recognized by your school and/or the colleges you are planning to apply to.

Moreover, if you have proficiency in Japanese by the time you apply to colleges, that can set you apart from other applicants, especially if you're able to reach a level where you could potentially sit for the AP Japanese exam or a similar proficiency test. Admissions teams often look for students who bring a unique perspective or skill to their campus, and language proficiency certainly counts.

However, this doesn't mean you should neglect other areas of your high school offerings. Balance is important, so continue to engage in courses and extracurricular activities that highlight your range of skills and interests. Do your best!

7 months ago

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