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How diverse are HBCU campuses, really?

So, I’ve heard a lot about HBCUs being important centers for African American education and culture, but what's the diversity like now? To be more specific, does anyone know what percentage of HBCU students are white, or coming from other non-black backgrounds?

7 months ago

Historically Black Colleges and Universities (HBCUs) were originally established with the primary intention of serving the African American community during a time when most higher education institutions were inaccessible to them. However, over the decades, HBCUs have become more diverse, welcoming students of various ethnicities and backgrounds.

The level of diversity can differ quite a bit from one HBCU to another. According to data from the National Center for Education Statistics (NCES), as of recent years, non-black students made up about 24% of total enrollment in HBCUs. Within this number, white students typically represent between 0-10% of the student body depending on the particular institution, with some schools having a slightly higher percentage. Other ethnic groups, including Hispanic, Asian, and Native American students, also contribute to the diversity of the campuses.

The environment continues to be nurturing and supportive for all students, valuing inclusivity while still honoring their historical mission. If you're considering an HBCU, I encourage you to look at specific schools to get a more accurate feel for the campus demographic. Each HBCU has its own unique culture and community.

7 months ago

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