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Common App or Coalition—Which one should I choose?

It’s getting close to application season and I’m deciding between using the Common App and the Coalition application. What are the main differences, and does it matter which one I use, assuming all my schools accept both?

7 months ago

Hello there! It's great that you're getting an early start on understanding the application platforms. Both the Common Application and the Coalition Application serve similar purposes but have slight differences that may influence your decision. The main difference between the two lies in their structure and the tools they offer.

The Coalition Application has a tool called the Locker, where you can store documents and materials throughout high school, which can later be attached to your college application. Additionally, it's designed to aid lower-income, underrepresented students, and their interface aims to make college more accessible.

The Common Application is used by a larger number of colleges and might be more familiar to counselors and recommenders who have been working with it for years. It doesn’t feature a resource like the Locker but is known for its user-friendly experience and wide acceptance.

It's generally not a matter of which is better, but rather which platform aligns most closely with your needs and preferences. If all of your schools accept both, you might choose based on ease of use or the specific tools you think might benefit you during the application process. Rest assured, colleges do not have a preference for one application over the other; they're mainly concerned with the content and quality of what you submit. Good luck with your applications!

7 months ago

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