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What's the typical number of core classes colleges expect you to take?

So I've been mapping out my senior year schedule and I'm a tad anxious. Could someone please break down how many core classes (like English, math, science) colleges expect us to have completed by the time we apply?

7 months ago

It's understandable to be a bit anxious when planning your senior year schedule! Most colleges expect you to complete four years of English, three to four years of math (up to Algebra 2 or higher), three to four years of laboratory science, three years of social studies, and two to three years of the same foreign language.

Some competitive schools may look for students who go beyond the minimum by taking additional years or more advanced coursework in these areas. Your senior year is also an opportunity to demonstrate continued academic rigor, so while it's important to balance your workload, try to maintain a solid base of core classes.

If your school offers AP, IB, or dual-enrollment courses, consider including these in your schedule as they can be an indicator of your readiness for college-level work. Remember, the exact expectations can vary by school, so it's wise to review the admission requirements of the colleges you're interested in. Good luck with your schedule!

7 months ago

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