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What makes the oldest HBCU special or different from others?

Hey friends, I'm in the process of narrowing down my college choices and I'm particularly interested in HBCUs. I've heard a lot about the oldest HBCU—does anyone know what sets it apart from other HBCUs? I'm curious about historical significance, alumni network, and how it might influence the campus experience.

7 months ago

The oldest HBCU in the United States is Cheyney University of Pennsylvania, which was founded in 1837. As the first HBCU, Cheyney University has a distinct historical significance. It paved the way for African American education at a time when such opportunities were rare.

This rich history can have a profound impact on the campus experience, offering a deep sense of pride and a close-knit community among students and faculty. Alumni from Cheyney and other longstanding HBCUs often form strong networks that can offer mentorship, job opportunities, and a shared cultural heritage. Additionally, the University’s legacy has attracted influential speakers and events to its campus, enhancing the educational environment.

Furthermore, the campus experience at Cheyney is likely to be influenced by its unique heritage. Students may find that there are traditions, events, and organizations on campus that are deeply rooted in the history and achievements of the institution and its alumni. Understanding this historical context can provide students with a meaningful sense of belonging and purpose, enriching their college experience.

If you’re interested in the impact that attending the oldest HBCU can have on your educational journey, I’d recommend reaching out to current students or alumni and visiting the campus to get a firsthand perspective.

7 months ago

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