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What are admissions officers looking for in an EPQ?

I’ve heard that some universities really like the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ). Could anyone shed some light on this? How much do admissions officers value an EPQ, and what aspects of it do they look for? I’m considering doing one and want to make sure it aligns well with my university applications.

7 months ago

Admissions officers often regard the Extended Project Qualification (EPQ) favorably, as it highlights a student's ability to undertake self-directed research and demonstrates skills in planning, organization, research, and presentation.

Doing an EPQ can align well with your university application, especially if it's related to the subject you wish to study. The EPQ can offer a glimpse into your interests and intellect beyond your standard qualifications. It allows you to show your passion for an area of study, and the skills you develop during the project can be indicative of your readiness for university-level work.

Remember, the quality of your EPQ work is crucial, as it should reflect your ability to engage deeply with a topic. If you do decide to undertake an EPQ, make sure you choose a topic you are genuinely interested in, as this will come across in the quality of your project and could become a positive talking point in interviews or personal statements.

7 months ago

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