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What are the unique benefits of joining an HBCU dance team?

Hey everyone, I'm really into dance and I've been looking into HBCUs for college. Can anyone share their experiences or the benefits of joining a dance team at an HBCU? Does it differ from dance teams at PWIs?

7 months ago

Hey there! There are several benefits to joining a dance team at an HBCU! Firstly, there's the rich cultural experience. HBCU dance teams often incorporate styles deeply rooted in African and African-American traditions, which might be less prevalent at PWIs. It's a fantastic opportunity to celebrate and convey cultural stories through dance.

Also, there's a strong sense of community in HBCUs, and that extends to the dance teams as well. Team members in these dance teams often bond over shared experiences and heritage—it's about representing and taking pride in their culture together. This can create a more personal and profound connection amongst dancers. Generally speaking, the HBCU crowd is super energetic and supportive, which can be incredibly uplifting for performers.

Lastly, there's the exposure part. HBCU dance teams often perform at high-profile events such as homecomings and nationally televised sporting events. That can be a great platform if someone is looking to gain visibility and potentially move into professional dance or choreography. Every school and team will have its unique vibe, so I'd recommend checking out some performances online or visiting the schools to get a feel for it!

7 months ago

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