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Where can I find free CLEP exam study guides?

I'm looking to self-study for the CLEP exams but my budget is a bit tight. Anyone know of resources where I can find free CLEP exam study guides or materials?

7 months ago

Hi there! It's wonderful to hear that you're taking initiative to self-study for the CLEP exams, and it's totally understandable to be looking for budget-friendly resources. A great place to start is the College Board website, which offers free, downloadable exam guides for each subject. These guides include a breakdown of the exam content, sample questions, and study tips.

Also, check out Modern States, a philanthropy that provides free online CLEP courses designed to prepare you for the exam; when you complete a course, they also offer a voucher to cover your CLEP exam fee. Your local library may have CLEP study books that you can borrow.

Another good step is to connect with your school's counseling office. They may have additional materials or access to free resources that students can use. Lastly, there are many online communities and forums where students share study tips and resources, so don't hesitate to join some of those conversations. Good luck with your study efforts!

7 months ago

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