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Is Ceramics class worth it in high school?

I have an interest in art and I’m looking at my elective options for next year. How do admissions officers view a ceramics class? Would taking it be seen as just a fun class, or can it actually add value to my college application if I'm considering a liberal arts college?

7 months ago

Choosing electives that align with your interests, such as a ceramics class, can be a positive way to round out your academic profile, especially if you're considering a liberal arts college. Admissions officers appreciate when students pursue their passions and interests, as it reflects a well-rounded individual with varied skills and hobbies.

If you're able to create a body of work or perhaps integrate your interest in ceramics with community service or another extracurricular activity, that could further enhance the value of this elective on your college application. For example, you might consider selling your ceramics and donating the proceeds to a local charity, or even starting a club at school that focuses on using art to better the community.

Remember, colleges look for depth in your extracurriculars, so while taking a ceramics class might be fun, using it as a springboard for other impactful activities could demonstrate initiative and leadership, both of which are appreciated by admissions officers at liberal arts colleges.

7 months ago

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