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What academic strengths should I highlight for University of Oregon admissions?

Hi guys! I'm super into the University of Oregon and planning to apply there next year. What academic areas or achievements do you think would impress the admissions team the most, considering UO's academic reputation?

7 months ago

Hey there! It's great that you're aiming for the University of Oregon. When it comes to impressing the admissions team, you should focus on showcasing your academic strengths in alignment with the programs that UO is known for.

If you have strengths in areas like environmental sciences, business, or journalism—to name a few—be sure to emphasize your achievements in those domains. For example, if you've done well in AP Environmental Science or have been involved in a related club or project, highlight that.

Remember, what counts the most is how your interests and strengths mesh with what they offer and value. Also, don't just focus on grades—showcase your involvement and any leadership roles in academic clubs or organizations.

Additionally, if UO values innovation and interdisciplinary study (check out their mission statement and program descriptions for clues), you might want to discuss any projects or experiences where you've combined different areas of knowledge or taken initiative to engage with complex problems.

Lastly, regardless of the specific academic strengths you choose to highlight, your passion and commitment should shine through to make a memorable impression. Good luck with your application!

7 months ago

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