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Are there any interior design classes I can take as a high school student?

Hey squad, I'm super into interior design and I'm trying to figure out if there are any classes I can take while I'm still in high school. How do these classes influence my college applications, especially if I want to pursue design in college? Would love to hear from anyone who's gone down this artistic path and how it worked out for them in terms of college admissions.

7 months ago

Hey there! You might try to take a mix of classes and workshops during high school. If you're looking for formal classes, check if your local community college offers courses that high schoolers can enroll in—they often do. Also, see if there are any interior design or architecture firms in your area that offer workshops or might consider an internship; real-world experience is invaluable, and it shows initiative.

As for influencing college applications: if you’re aiming for design-focused programs, these classes will definitely bolster your portfolio and demonstrate your commitment to the field. Ensure that your passion for interior design also shines through in your personal statement or supplemental essays!

By showing that you've actively pursued learning opportunities in interior design, you’ll be sending a strong message about your dedication and proactive attitude to admissions committees, which can be a real boost. Include your design projects in their application and talk about what they learned from the classes they took, as this can make a good impression. Best of luck to you!

7 months ago

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