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Optimal year to take the PSAT for experience?

Hello! I'm a sophomore and wondering which year most people take the PSAT 'for experience' before it actually counts. Should I wait until junior year or get a practice run earlier?

7 months ago

Hello there! It's great that you're thinking ahead about the PSAT. Many students opt to take the PSAT during their sophomore year as a no-pressure practice before junior year, when scores can qualify them for National Merit distinctions. Taking the test as a sophomore gives you a chance to get familiar with the format, question types, and timing, without the added stress of it 'counting' for scholarships.

Then, when you take it in your junior year, you're more likely to feel comfortable and perform at your best. For example, I had a student who took the PSAT in 10th grade and found time management challenging. By the time they retook it as a junior, they had developed effective strategies and improved significantly. So if you have the opportunity to take it early, I say go for it! It can be a helpful step in your test prep journey.

7 months ago

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