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Do I need a counselor recommendation specifically for the Common App?

Hey guys, just triple-checking here because I'm getting mixed messages from different sources. Does every college on Common App require a recommendation letter from my school counselor, or is that something that varies by college? I want to make sure I'm not missing any part of my application because my counselor is super busy and it's hard to get time with her.

7 months ago

Greetings! It's a very good question you've asked, and I'm glad you're being thorough in preparing your application materials. To answer your question, most colleges on the Common App do require a recommendation letter from your school counselor, which is often considered an essential component of your application. However, the specific requirements can vary slightly by institution.

It's prudent to check each college's admissions page or the Common App school-specific requirements to confirm. For schools that do require the letter, it provides a comprehensive look at your academic history and personal development within the context of your high school experience. It also offers the admissions committee insights into your character and potential contributions to their campus community.

To ensure you get this important piece of your application in order, I recommend reaching out to your counselor as soon as possible to discuss your need for a recommendation. Keep in mind that counselors often have to write letters for many students, so giving them ample time is not just courteous, but could also result in a more thoughtful and detailed recommendation. If your counselor is indeed very busy, perhaps booking an appointment or sending a polite email detailing your request and the deadlines might help make the process smoother for both of you.

7 months ago

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