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What should a robust high school social studies curriculum include for college readiness?

Hi peers, I'm reviewing my social studies course options for next year and want to make sure I'm prepared for college-level work. Currently, I'm debating between AP courses, dual-enrollment, or sticking with honors. What should a strong social studies curriculum have to help me stand out or be well prepared for college academics?

7 months ago

Hi there! It's great that you're thinking ahead about preparing for college-level work in social studies. A robust high school social studies curriculum would ideally include a range of courses that deepen your understanding of various time periods, cultures, and political systems.

AP courses are well regarded, as they mirror college-level material and can potentially give you college credit. If you’re looking for rigor and a challenge, AP courses like AP U.S. History, AP World History, or AP Government and Politics could provide that.

Dual-enrollment can also be a strong choice as it shows colleges that you are capable of handling actual college-level coursework. However, make sure that the credits will transfer to the colleges you're interested in. Honors classes are also valuable, especially if they allow you to explore topics in greater depth or with a different perspective compared to regular classes.

Ultimately, showing that you've tackled rigorous courses and have a passion for social studies will reflect well on your college applications. Remember, it's important to balance course rigor with your overall workload to ensure you can perform at your best in all your classes. Good luck with your decisions!

7 months ago

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