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What are the benefits of attending conferences, like the HBCU Week Conference 2023, for a high school student?

I noticed there's an HBCU Week Conference this year, and as a high school junior interested in HBCUs, I'm wondering if attending would be beneficial for me? Like, could it help with networking or learning more about the admissions process?

7 months ago

Attending an HBCU Week Conference as a high school student can indeed be very beneficial, especially if you have a clear interest in attending an HBCU. These types of conferences are designed not only to inform students about the unique offerings of HBCUs but also to give insight into the admissions process.

You can expect to network with admissions counselors, current students, and alumni who can provide you with invaluable advice and perspectives. You might even have the opportunity to attend workshops or panels on essay writing, financial aid, and college readiness that can give you a competitive edge during your admissions journey. Furthermore, showcasing your proactive attendance could reflect your sincere interest in these institutions on your college applications.

Make sure to come prepared with questions and take notes on what you learn. This can also be an excellent time to collect contact information for future questions or guidance. All in all, such an experience can be a productive step towards finding the right HBCU for you.

7 months ago

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