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What are the benefits of taking vocational classes during high school?

Hi everyone! I’ve been looking into vocational classes at my high school, like digital media and auto repair. I’m pretty hands-on and I think these skills are useful, but will colleges appreciate these courses as well? Or should I stick to AP and honors classes to be safe?

7 months ago

It's wonderful that you're exploring vocational classes and they can indeed be beneficial. They often provide practical skills that can be directly applied in the workforce, demonstrating to colleges that you're not only academically inclined but also have a set of tangible, vocational abilities. This can help you stand out as a well-rounded candidate, particularly if you're interested in fields related to the subjects you're taking.

Additionally, success in vocational courses can exhibit your ability to engage with materials in various settings, which is a plus in college applications. While AP and honors classes show academic rigor, vocational classes can showcase your hands-on skills and potential leadership qualities, depending on the level of engagement and achievement you reach within those courses.

So, if these subjects genuinely interest you and align with your future goals, they can be a strong complement to your academic record. Balance is key, so if you can manage both, that would show colleges you have both academic strength and practical skills.

7 months ago

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