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Submitting additional recommendations on Common App?

I've got a mentor who's not a teacher but knows my work ethic intensely. How can other recommenders, like coaches or employers, submit their recommendations on the Common App?

7 months ago

The Common Application indeed gives you the ability to include recommendations outside of your academic teachers!

To have a mentor, employer, coach, or other non-teacher submit a letter of recommendation, you'll find a section labeled 'Other Recommenders' within the 'My Colleges' tab of the Common App for each college you’re applying to. Here, you can invite your non-academic recommenders to submit their letters directly through the system.

Make sure to give your recommenders plenty of notice, and provide them with deadlines and any other details they might need to submit their recommendation letter. Also, keep in mind that each college has its own policy regarding how many and what types of recommendations are accepted.

It's always a good idea to check each institution's requirements directly on their admissions webpage or by contacting their admissions office. This helps to ensure that you're not submitting more (or fewer) letters than necessary and that all your recommendations will be considered.

7 months ago

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